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Hernia in children


A hernia is a defect on the abdominal wall which appears as a bulge or swelling around the umbilical or groin area which gets bigger on straining or crying and goes away when the child is relaxed.

Danger signs of hernia
  • When the baby is crying when swelling is touched.
  • When swelling no longer goes away.
  • Vomiting and not passing stool.
  • Change of skin color in the area.
  • Abdominal distension.
Tips to prepare you and your child for surgery

You are most likely more stressed and worried than your child.

Ask these questions in advance:  
  • What they can eat and drink.
  • When they should stop.
  • How long you are likely to stay so you pack accordingly.
Schedule extra help:
  • For the children staying behind.
  • For after the procedure.